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Ví and Giặm folk songs in life today
Posted on: 5/11/2020 - Viewed: 273

Ví and Giặm folk songs in life today

Ví and Giặm folk songs of Nghệ - Tĩnh play an important role in spiritual life and sentiments of the people of Nghe -Tinh, therefore, they have been collected and studied for a long time. In 1943, before the August Revolution in 1945, Vi Songs of weaving guild were introduced for the first time by the scholar Hoàng Xuân Hãn. In the paper Nguồn gốc văn Kiều (Origin of văn Kiều),he wrote a part of Hát phường Vải (The songs of weaving guild) to generalize this genre of folk song.

The first person deserving credit for collection and publication of data on Ví phường vải Nam Đàn (Ví songs of Nam Đàn weaving guild) is Nguyễn Tất Thứ. For many years he went to countryside to record the Vi songs of weaving guild in Nam Dan district, Nghe An province. From April to September in 1943, the weekly newspaper Tiểu thuyết thứ bảy** published his 12 articles of Ví phường Vải Nam Đàn (Vi Songs of Nam Dan weaving guild). The notes of author Nguyễn Tất Thứ are very precious to the research of Ví and Giặm folk songs of Nghe- Tinh.

In 1944, Professor Nguyễn Đổng Chi published Hát Dặm Nghệ - Tĩnh (Dặm singing of Nghệ - Tĩnh). This is the first collection and systematic study of Giam singing of Nghệ - Tĩnh. After the August Revolution in 1945, until 1958, the study of Ví songs was published. It was Hát Ví Nghệ - Tĩnh (Ví songs of Nghệ - Tĩnh) by the author Nguyen Chung Anh, which is the first introduction about Vi songs of Nghệ Tĩnh. In 1961, Associate professor Ninh Viet Giao published Hát phường vải (Ví songs of weaving guild).

In 1962, Professor Nguyễn Đổng Chi and Associate professor Ninh Viet Giao Published Hát Giặm Nghệ - Tĩnh (Giam singing of Nghe -Tinh), 2 volumes.

In addition, there are some collection and research works such as Hát phường Vải ở Trường Lưu (singing of Truong Luu weaving guild) by Vi Phong - Phan Thu Hien, as Hát ví Nghệ Tĩnh (vi songs of Nghệ Tĩnh) by Đào Việt Hưng.

Along with these works, over the course of the last 20 years, the former Department of Culture and Information, now the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in two provinces of nghe An and Ha Tinh have actively implemented many plans and projects to safeguard and promote the values of Ví and Giặm folk songs of Nghệ - Tĩnh.

In 1976. the People’s Committee of Nghệ - Tĩnh province established the Folk song group of Nghệ - Tĩnh as the precursor to the Folk song group of Nghệ An and Theatre group of Ha Tinh. This group is responsible for the preservation and safeguarding of traditional folk songs, and transforming the folk songs of Nghệ region into the subject of a staged opera performance. The Folk song group of Nghệ - Tĩnh has properly developed the quality in the course of safeguarding and development of Ví and Giặm folk song heritage of Nghệ Tĩnh to promote the cultural heritage of Nghe Tinh. After 1991, Nghe- Tinh province was divided into two provinces of Nghệ An and Hà Tĩnh. Nghe An Province established Center for Safeguarding and Promotion of Vi and Giam Folk Songs of Nghe region in 2009; Ha Tinh province established the Theatre of Traditional Arts in 2012.

Recognizing the task of teaching and transmitting folksongs to everyone especially the younger generation, in many recent years, the government and the culture managers at all levels in the two provinces of Nghệ An and Hà Tĩnh have implemented many activities to popularize and transmit folk songs at schools and via the mass media.

In Nghe An province, the College of Culture and Arts write curriculum to teach folk songs of Nghệ Tĩnh and some folk songs from other regions. In 1996, Nghe An Radio and Television Station created a series "Teaching folk songs”, and include Vi and Giam folk songs on the radio and television.

In Ha Tinh province, in 2009, the Department Culture, Sports and Tourism, and Department of Education and Training held the Festival "Folk songs for schools" and from 2010, the College of Culture and Arts and the radio and Television Station co-created a course for teaching folk songs which attracted the interest of younger generations in the villages.

In 2012, Vi and Giam folk songs of Nghe - Tinh were inscribed on the National list of intangible cultural heritage by the ministry of culture sports and tourism.

Not including humming and tunes, Vi and giam songs are composed in six and eight syllables, five syllables and four-line poems, creating values of literature and arts for Ⅴietnam’s literature.

Vi and Giam folk songs are very to accessible to the people of Nghệ Tĩnh . Ví and Giam folk songs are not astidious about being sung at a particular time or practiced in a specific space or on a particular occasion. The people can sing Vi and Giam songs at any time, in production and daily life without musical instruments, props and other special accoutrement or costumes. The Vi and Giam singers can perform at the solemn ceremonies, funerals, entertainment and activities of individuals or groups of people, communities and the public. For the people, Vi and Giam folk songs as the presence of natural and ordinary words and activities can be used to talk, express feelings or love, communicate or make speeches. Vi and Giam folk songs are an art form without being affected by style, prosody or words. The singer can improvise to fit the needs of expressing thoughts, attitudes and feelings in every circumstance, space and time. Vi and Giam folk songs are used in a natural way for entertainment during work and life, where everyone shares their thoughts and feelings whether monologue or dialogue, from the family to the school and society. Therefore there is no doubt about the profound human value of Vi and Giam folk songs of Nghệ Tĩnh.

In general, safeguarding and promotion of intangible cultural heritage value of Vi and Giam folk songs of Nghệ Tĩnh in two provinces of Nghe An and Ha Tinh in the recent years have been creating good results. Therefore, the value of Vi and Giam folk songs is being safeguarded, inherited and promoted in life today.

Vi and Giam folk sonlgs of Nghệ Tĩnh is the creation of the Viet(Kinh) in two provinces of Nghệ An and Hà Tĩnh. Over the time, the intangible cultural hertage contains the cultural values, goes beyond the cultural space and the geographical boundary of a land, becomes the vehicle of Nghệ - Tĩnh people in history, and accompany the people of Nghệ An – Hà Tĩnh to go to the future./.

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